2009 September

Summary of Trustees Meeting Redditch

13th September 2009


Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Karen Elkin, Karl Hahm, David Kennerley, Linda Kennerley,

Elizabeth Payne, Brian Roddis, Sandra Weir.

1. Apologies: Sheila Maw, Nick Sanders, Nellie Taylor.

2. Previous minutes 22nd February 2009: Agreed without alteration.

3.1 Trustee for retirement at 2010 AGM:
RonClements, David Kennerley, Brian Roddis, Nellie Taylor

3.2 Trustee for retirement at 2011 AGM:
Jim Clegg, Karl Hahm, Linda Kennerley, Nick Sanders.

Trustee for retirement at 2012 AGM:
Karen Elkin, Sheila Maw, Elizabeth Payne, Sandra Weir. Sheila Maw confirmed that she would not be seeking re-election as Chairman in 2012.

4.1 AGM: To be held on 9th May 2010 at Redditch

4.2 Future Trustees Meetings: 7th March and 12th September 2010 at Redditch

5.1 Welfare: Work of the Welfare Committee progressing as planned, questionnaires circulated to volunteers and information updated regarding the type of work each volunteer was able to provide i.e. ‘hands on’ with re-homing or available to advertise on behalf of STECS. New home assessment forms produced and circulated. Draft ‘Guidelines’ booklet circulated for comments. Neutering policy and wording discussed and agreement reach regarding a change to the wording. Welfare Committee work ongoing.

5.2 Microchipping: Agreed that all dogs coming into STECS would be micro-chipped at STECS expense.

Veterinary Costs: Method of approval of these costs in various circumstances circulated and approved.

5.3 Foundation: Discussion took place regarding the principle and reasons for such an idea. This item would be for ongoing consideration.

6. Events and Marketing: Christmas Fayre 22nd November 2009, Southern Garden Party 13th June 2010 – arrangements in hand, 2010 Annual Garden Party arrangements in hand as per 2009 venue and date to be agreed, as soon as possible. Income from 2009 Annual Garden Party £8,877.82 (26.2% increase over previous year).

Newsletter: Ongoing work by Isla Reid. Sheila Maw asked that the Newsletter should contain an update regarding the work of the Trustees. David Kennerley to progress. After some discussion regarding the circulation of information regarding the Trustees Meetings, further consideration would be give regarding this matter. Jim Clegg to produce a trial abridged version.

Marketing Awareness: Ideas were discussed regarding ways to promote STECS. Further consideration would be given and blank business cards would be made available to members.

8. AOB: Governing Document approved by Charity Commission and will be re-printed and provided to new members and placed on the Website.

Trustees Code of Conduct made available for discussion at the next meeting.

Meeting Closed 1510hrs

Final 27/03/11 JHC

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