2010 March

Summary of Trustees Meeting Redditch

7th March 2010

Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Karen Elkin, David Kennerley, Linda Kennerley, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Nick Sanders.

1. Apologies: Karl Hahm, Nellie Taylor, Brian Roddis, Sandra Weir.

2. Previous minutes 13th September 2009: Agreed without alteration.

3. AGM Arrangements:
Nick Sanders gave his apologies, unable to attend due to holiday commitments. Four nominations forms requested to date.

4.1 Welfare Committee: General update provided by Linda Kennerley regarding current work of the Committee and volunteers, including the Micro-chipping Handbook and the revised Welfare Co-ordinators handbook, together with a planned handbook for Area Representatives. The Scottie General Questionnaire to be sent to members asap. Issues regarding Public Liability insurance cover, to be reviewed by the Treasurer.

4.2 Foundation: Foundation Working Group formed to consider ‘funding’ some kind of research into Scottie health issues and or behaviour problems experiences in ‘rescue’ Scotties. Working Group led by Jim Clegg to report back to the Trustees. Sheila Maw agreed to establish a working group to look at Cushing and Animal Health. Karen Elkin looking at “tricky” dog issues.

4.3 Insurance: Jim Clegg agreed to research the possibility of establishing a partnership arrangement with an insurance company to provide insurance for rescue Scotties of all ages.

5. Events and Marketing: Merchandise sales had doubled over the last year. David Kennerley informed Trustees that 2010 would be his last Crufts. He would attend the 2010 Christmas Fayre and a notice would be put into the Newsletter seeking a volunteer(s) to replace him. Northern Clan Gathering: Well under way by Isla Reid. Southern Garden Party: Arrangements in hand by Nick Sanders. Annual Garden Party: Date to be confirmed but arrangements in hand. Christmas Fayre: Arrangements in hand, date to be confirmed.

7. AOB:

7.1 Trustee Code of Conduct: Discussion took place regarding code of conduct, aims and objectives and guidelines for Trustees. Governing Document and Essential Trustee Handbook in place therefore matter left for further discussion, at a later date.

7.2 Roles for Trustees: Ongoing discussion with agreement that Sheila Maw, Karen Elkin and Ron Clements would determine a route to liaise with Breed Clubs.

7.3 Correspondence: Letter received from member and response sent by Secretary. Both letters were made available to all Trustees.


1. Secretary confirmed that charitable status in Scotland had now been granted and that the Scottish number was now displayed on our letterheads and e-mails.

2. Sheila Maw mentioned Comatil, medication for Scotties, available cheaper than from Vets via a Chemist, if prescription obtained from a Vet.

Meeting Closed 1535hrs

Final 27/03/11 JHC

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