2010 May

Summary of Trustees Meeting Redditch

9th May 2010

Ronald Clements, Karen Elkin, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm.

1. Apologies: Jim Clegg, David Kennerley, Linda Kennerley, Nellie Taylor, Brian Roddis, Sandra Weir.

2. Previous minutes 7th March 2010: Agreed without alteration.

Karl Hahm (Treasurer) confirmed STECS position in relation to rescued Scotties cause injury, whilst in STECS care. He confirmed that once the Scottie had been ‘transferred’ and the Adoption Contract signed, responsibility is taken over by the new ‘owner’.

3. AGM: Voting arrangement and Scrutineer agreed.

4. Welfare:

4.1 Deactivated Members: Discussion took place regarding methods of encouraging ‘owners’ of adopted rescue Scotties to remain members. Agreed that no specific actions or changes were necessary at this time. The current problem did not present any significant concern at this time. Ongoing methods of encouraging membership renew would be maintained.

4.2 Scottie adopted by non members: As per above comments. All Re-homing volunteers actively encourage membership of STECS, at the application stage and again if appropriate, at the time of the adoption. Not seen as a significant problem at this time.

Two welfare applications were put to the Trustee by the Treasurer. These were considered and dealt with in accordance with the Governing Document and agreement of the Trustees.

5. Events and Marketing: All events progressing as planned.

7. AOB:

A discussion took place regarding proposal put forward by a member of STECS, under the AGM procedure. With the agreement of the member it was agreed that these proposal would be considered at the next Trustees meeting in September 2010.

The ‘day to day’ management of STECS was discussed and the Trustees were reminded of the provisions all ready in place, within the Governing Document. Sheila Maw reminded the Trustees that she should be made aware of all activities taking place within the Charity. Further discussions were to take place regarding the Welfare Committee, between the Chairman, Nick Sanders and Cath Marchbank.

Meeting Closed 1210hrs

Final 27/03/11 JHC

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