2010 September

Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland Village Hall Chesterfield

12th September 2010


Elizabeth Bradley, Ronald Clements, Anne Dauncey, Karen Elkin, Anne Green, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders.

1. Apologies: Jim Clegg.

2. Previous minutes 9th May 2010: Agreed without alteration.

3. AGM Preliminary Notice to Members: Details of Preliminary Notice agreed. Vacant Trustee positions to be filled at the May 2011 AGM.

3.1 Trustee Meeting Dated 2011: 6th March and 11th September 2011, locations to be notified once agreed.

4. Welfare: Nick Sanders was co-opted to serve as the Welfare Officer until the 2011 AGM. The administration functions of the Welfare Officer which had been dealt with by Linda Kennerley, before and after her recent resignation was considered. It was agreed that these functions should be transferred to the Secretary. The Trustees officially thanked Linda for all her hard work carried out before and after her recent resignation.

4.1 Welfare Booklets: The Trustees again discussed the neutering issue relating to rescue Scotties and what wording should appear in the Welfare Booklet. The Chairman asked all Trustees to consider the matter before the next meeting in March 2011, so it could be finally resolved.

4.2 Financial Assistance Request: Two applications from STECS members were considered and assistance agreed.

4.3 Dog Donations: The discussion document provided by the Treasurer was approved, setting out a table of minimum donations and guidelines applicable to persons adopting a rescue Scottie.

4.4 Problem Scotties and STECS’s legal position: Advice to be sought from the Charity Commission and the STECS Solicitor, regarding STECS liability when a rescue dog injures a person after adoption. 7.1 Problem Scotties: A discussion took place regarding a ‘problem’ Scottie and what procedure should be followed when a Scottie is returned due to behavioural problems. It was agreed that any problem dog should be returned to STECS care and referred to the Trustees for consideration. A record of all dogs in STECS care, awaiting re-homing during any ‘rehabilitation’ or for any other reason will be maintained.

5. Events/Marketing: 5.1 Scottie Christmas Party: 5.2 Crufts: 5.3 Northern Clan Gathering:

5.4 Somerset Fun-Day: 5.5 Annual Garden Party 2011: All proceeding as planned.

7. AOB: 7.1 See 4.4.

Meeting Closed 1452hrs

Final 27/03/11 JHC

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