2011 March

Summary of Trustees Meeting Coventry

6th March 2011

Present: Karen Elkin, Anne Green, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Jim Clegg.

1. Apologies: Elizabeth Bradley, Anne Dauncey, Ronald Clements.

2. Previous minutes 12th September 2010: Agreed, with one observation recorded by Anne Green.

3. AGM Update: Update provided regarding current requests for nominations forms for the 5 Trustee vacancies and one Officer (Welfare Officer) vacancies. It was agreed that of the 5 newly appointed Trustees, the one receiving lowest number of votes, will be elected for 1 year. This would be the replacement for Sandra Weir, who at the time of her resignation, had 1 further year of her 3 year term, left. The Secretary post will be advertised, together with the position of Editor of the Newsletter, in the forthcoming Spring Newsletter.

4. Financial Matters: 4.1 Funding Request: Two applications from STECS members were considered and assistance agreed. A funding request for another animal charity was considered. A small ‘pledge’ was approved providing the charity was able to purchase the premises in question. Funding was also agreed to assist a STECS member, in the provision of 4 kennels, for use by STECS rescue dogs.

4.2 Funding Documentation: The Treasurer explained the recent changes in Investor Guarantee limits and the Trustees agreed to respond to these changes. The documentation to action these changes were duly signed.

4.3 Improved Financial Control: The quality of the expenses forms submitted was discussed. The Trustees agreed that the Welfare booklet should be changed to reflect the necessary changes to the claims procedures. A) All expenses, other than mileage claims, should be supported by receipts or other documentary evidence B) Any mileage claim regarding dog rescue or home visits, should state the reason for the journey, dog name if applicable, details of journey (to/from) and mileage travelled. In the absence to supporting receipts or a full breakdown of mileage claims, the Treasurer should reject the claim. It was also agreed to increase the current mileage rate from 30 to 35 pence per mile.

4.4 Income and Expenditure: The Treasurer then answered questions from the Trustees regarding issues arising from the spreadsheet provided.

5. Welfare:

5.1 Neutering: A discussion took place between Trustees regarding the wording of the draft Welfare Co-ordinators handbook, relating to neutering. It was agreed that the wording would be reviewed for the next meeting, to cover all the points raised by the Trustees.

5.1 Welfare issues and communication: Following a question from Anne Green, Karl Hahm (Treasurer) confirmed STECS position in relation to rescued Scotties cause injury, whilst in STECS care. He confirmed that once the Scottie had been ‘transferred’ and the Adoption Contract signed, responsibility is taken over by the new ‘owner’. A discussion took place regard a recent rescue case and it was agreed that additional advice would be added to the rescue handbook regarding ‘problem’ Scotties.

5.2 Liverpool University Vet Hospital: The Trustees considered whether the Charity should fund research into animal (Scottie) health issues, by sponsoring a research Student at a Vet University or other organisation. It was decided to set this matter aside and revisit this in the future.

5.3 Insurance: Jim Clegg to make contact with Insurance companies, to establish cost of insuring rescue Scotties by STECS, for the first few months after the signing of the adoption contract.

6. Events and Marketing:

6.1 Christmas Fayre: Increased profit from last year, plans proceedings for 2011

6.2 Crufts: In Hand

6.3 Northern Clan Gathering: Proceeding as planned

6.4 Somerset Sunday Fun Day Planning in hand but assistance will be required.

6.5 Annual Garden Party: Moved to Saturday 13th August 2011 at request of organiser, arrangements in hand.

6.6 Newsletter: Notification received that the Editor, Isla Reid, is to step down after the October 2011 issue. Post to be advertised in the Newsletter, seeking a new Editor to maintain the high standard now associated with the publication.

8. AOB:

8.1 Removed from Agenda. 8.2 Condensed version of the Minutes to be uploaded to the web site: Action approved, Jim Clegg to provide draft documents for approval by Chairman and Secretary, before uploading to web site.

8.3 Letter from Member: Correspondence from a member was read out to the Trustees. After a discussion it was agreed that a full reply, regarding all the issues raised, would be prepared and once approved sent off by the Chairman.

Items not on the Agenda:

A Scottie welfare issue was considered by the Trustees and it was agreed that funding would be provided.

At the end of the meeting the Secretary, Karen Elkin’s formally resigned from her role as Secretary and Trustee. Karen agreed to prepare the AGM documentation and Sheila Maw (Chairman) thanked her for her work and dedication to STECS during her time as Secretary.

Meeting Closed 1510hrs

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