2011 May

Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland

8th May 2011

Present: Anne Green, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Jim Clegg,

Elizabeth Bradley, Anne Dauncey, Ronald Clements.

1. Apologies: None – all Trustees present.

2. 2.1 A Veterinary cost application from a STECS member was considered and assistance agreed.

2.2 Assistance regarding insurance cover for a STECS member was considered and approved.

2.3 A funding request for another animal charity was still pending.

2.4 The Welfare handbook was finally agreed. Nick Sanders was to issue the booklets without delay.

2.5 Tesco Insurance have yet to reply Jim Clegg regarding insurance cover for all STECS rescue animals. Jim Clegg to maintain contact and seek a reply as soon as possible.

2.6 Condensed version of Trustee Minutes now on web site.

2.7 Letter of reply to Member sent by the Chairman Sheila Maw. No reply received to date.

2.8 Trustee Indemnity Insurance quote considered and agreement reach regarding annual cover, actioned by Karl Hahm.

3. Previous minutes 6th March 2011: Agreed, without change.

4. AGM Voting procedures:

It was confirmed that of the 5 newly appointed Trustees, the one receiving lowest number of votes, will be elected for 1 year only. Two independent volunteers, from the members present at the AGM, would be requested by the Chairman, to count the votes.

5. Update on applications for Secretary:

Two expressions of interest had been received however one person had later decided not to proceed, due to work commitments. It was agreed that the Chairman would make contact with the second applicant, to offer her the position, subject to the AGM in 2012.

6. Suggested Policy for dealing with aggressive dogs (AGM proposal):

The Trustees discussed the AGM proposal submitted by Catherine Marchbank and Sandra Weir. It was agreed that an aggressive dog policy was required and that the proposal required further work, after the AGM, with the help of Cath, Sandra and other interested parties. This would be dealt with by presenting an amendment to the proposal, at the AGM.

7. Reimbursement of uninsured costs:

The case of a Scottie rescue dog that had undergone a complicated leg operation was considered and discussed. The Insurers had paid the maximum amount under the policy cover, so it was therefore agreed by the Trustees that the insurance shortfall would be paid by STECS.

8/9. Litigation issues:

Updates regarding two legal issues were discussed and action agreed regarding both matters.

10. Amendments to Authorised Signatories:
Reasons for changes discussed and agreement was reached regarding the changes required.

11. Date and Venue of next Trustees Meeting:

A decision on the venue and date for the next meeting was deferred until the results of the Trustees voting at the AGM were known.

12. AOB: Kennel Facilities:
It was agreed by the Trustees that STECS should pay towards providing two kennels, to be used on behalf of STECS, for fostering Scotties by Karen Evans. This funding was subject to two conditions: 1) The Kennels would remain the property of STEC and 2) No overnight boarding allowance would be claimed for STECS dogs using these facilities.

Meeting Closed for start of AGM

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