2011 October


Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland

2nd October 2011 

Present: Anne Green, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Jim Clegg,

Elizabeth Bradley, Anne Dauncey, Ronald Clements, Shirley Evans, Susan Bamford

1. Apologies: Apologies received from Sian Christmas (acting Secretary), who was on holiday and unable to attend.

2. Update on actions arising from the previous Trustees meeting held on 8th May 2011:

2.1 (2.3) The condition of a funding request to another animal charity has been met and the pledge paid. Action: closed.

2.2 (2.4) The Welfare handbook has been printed and distributed to Re-homing Co-ordinators and Area Representatives. Action: closed.

2.3 (2.5) Further contact has been made with Tesco Insurance and the Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) who provide the actual policy cover. Jim Clegg to maintain contact and seek a reply as soon as possible. Action: remains ongoing – Jim Clegg

2.4 (2.8) Trustee Indemnity Insurance cover now added to the liability insurance policy, with effect from 25th August 2011. Action: closed.

2.5 (5.0) Appointment of new Secretary Sian Christmas agreed unanimously by all the Trustees. Sian’s appointment will be required to be ratified by the members and therefore she will need to stand for re-election at the next AGM. Action: closed.

2.6 (7.0) A Veterinary cost application from a STECS member was considered and assistance agreed. Action: Closed.

2.7 (9.0) DVD copyright issues between STECS and another organisation were discussed. The matter had been resolved and options would be considered to use the existing stocks of the DVD’s, for the benefit of both organisations. Action: Sheila Maw and Anne Dauncey.

2.8 (12.0) The Treasurer had written to Karen Evans regarding a contribution, with conditions, towards kennelling facilities to be used by STECS. No further communication from Karen has been received to date. Action: closed at this time.

3. Previous minutes 8th May 2011: Agreed, without change.

4. Agree notice of 2012 AGM:
Notice for 2012 AGM approved and agreed for inclusion in the Autumn Newsletter. AGM to be held at Hasland Village Hall on Sunday 29th April 2012 and to be booked by Sheila Maw. All Trustees and retiring Officers were prepared to offer themselves for re-election. Action: Sheila Maw.

5. Policy and procedure for rescue dogs displaying behavioural problems:
Following the 2011 AGM motion from Cath Marchbank and Sandra Weir, the Trustees discussed the implication and actions required to deal with the issues raised. It was decided that: i) four suitably trained Officers (volunteers) would be required, ii) the period of assessment should be a minimum of 14 days in a home ‘environment’ and not a kennelling facility, iii) Jim Clegg and Sheila Maw would merge the Trustees comments and the motion into one document, for consideration by the Trustees by 30th November 2011, iv) in the interim any ‘problem’ dog issue should be referred to the Welfare Officer, v) Jim Clegg and Sheila Maw (with legal advice), to redraft the adoption contract regarding ‘ownership’ of STECS adopted dogs, to ensure that ownership after adoption, is clearly established. Action: Sheila Maw and Jim Clegg

6. Claim to another charity relating to a STECS rescue dog:
The Trustees discussed the issues arising from the involvement of another charity in a recent rescue of two dogs. Third party involvement had complicated the issue however agreement was reached regarding this particular case and how action would be taken in future cases. Action: Karl Hahm

7. Request for research funding:
Sheila Maw reported (via Sandra Weir), that Liverpool University were carrying out a study into liver cancer in dogs. The precise details of the research were as yet unknown however the Trustees considered that STECS should monitor and possibly consider supporting the research, financially or by special fund raising events or campaigns and perhaps sharing information gathered from the recent health survey. Action: Sheila Maw

8. Purchase of laptop for Secretary (and other Trustees if applicable) to maintain security and availability of data:
Jim Clegg had raised this issue to ensure that data used by STECS was secure and backed-up regularly. The procedures in used were explained and it was agreed that any Trustee holding STECS information should regularly copy these files for ‘back-up’ by Sheila Maw.

Action: Sheila Maw and all Trustees.

9. 0845 telephone numbers:
Jim Clegg had raised this issue. Nick Sanders explained how 0845 numbers worked and how they would be an advantage for Officers and Re-homers. The number could be transferred from one person to another or the calls diverted, when on holiday. It costs £5 to register an 0845 number. It was agreed that if anyone (Trustee) wanted an 0845 number allocated to them, they should speak directly to Nick.

Action: Nick Sanders.

10. Purchase of display boards/stands – pop-up gazebo:
Jim Clegg had raised this issue. Elizabeth Payne confirmed that STECS already owned some display boards. However it was generally considered by the meeting, that it would be a good investment for fund raising events, if STECS purchased some high specification pop-up gazebos. It was agreed that the purchase should however be deferred until 2012, as there were no further outdoor events planned in 2011. Action: Jim Clegg and Karl Hahm

11. Frequency of Trustee meetings:
Jim Clegg had raised this issue. A discussion took place concerning the frequency of meetings and how to ensure that the Trustees could be kept informed of actions taken, between meetings. It was generally agreed that two formal meetings per year would be sufficient if, in between, there was some form of an update or cascade, from the Chairman or Officers. However the Governing Document specified three meetings per annum and this could only be changed by the membership at the AGM.

Notwithstanding it was agreed that:
There will not be a trustee meeting held in March 2012. The next meeting will be immediately prior to the AGM on 29th April 2012.

➢ Sheila Maw will send out a news/issues update in late January. This will coincide with closing the financial accounts for 2011.

12. Litigation issues:

As no current issues were outstanding these matters would be removed as an agenda item.

13. Events:Karl Hahm had circulated a financial summary of the 2011 events prior to the meeting:

Northern Scots – There are currently no plans to hold the event in 2012.

Somerset Fun Day – The event is planned for 10th June in 2012 (note now Sunday 17th June 2012).

Garden Party – Debate took place as to whether it being held on a Saturday had made any difference. There were winners and losers. It was also considered by some Trustees that the Garden Party was evolving into a fun dog show and may be alienating some of the older members. A suggestion was made that perhaps a separate and smaller event could be held for those members who specifically wanted a Garden Party with a format similar to the ones held in the early days of STECS. Note: date now confirmed as Saturday 18th August 2012.

Christmas Party – this is being organised by Karen Elkin and Vivian Barnett and will be held on Sunday 27th November at Hasland. It will be advertised in the Autumn Newsletter.

14. Date and Venue of next Trustees Meeting:
The next meeting will be on 29th April at Hasland, immediately prior to the AGM.

15. AOB: Kennel Facilities:
There had been an approach from someone in Southern Ireland offering their help to rescue Scotties. It was agreed that Sheila Maw and Nick Sanders discuss this off line.

Meeting Closed

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