2012 April

Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland

29th April 2012

Present: Anne Green, Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Sian Christmas, Jim Clegg, Anne Dauncey, Ronald Clements, Shirley Evans, Susan Bamford

Apologies: Apologies for anticipated late arrival were accepted from Liz Bradley.

Previous minutes 2nd October 2011: Minutes agreed and signed without change by Chairman

1. Update on actions arising from the previous Trustees meeting held on 2nd October 2011:

1.1 Purchase of Marquee. Jim Clegg confirmed that the order had been placed within budget and a discount had been obtained. Delivery expected for the Garden Party and it would be made available for hire. Action: Delivery pending Jim Clegg.

1.2 Insurance cover for Rescue Dogs. Further contact has been made with Tesco Insurance and the Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), who provide the actual policy cover. Jim Clegg to maintain contact and seek a reply as soon as possible. Action: remains ongoing – Jim Clegg

1.3 Behavioural Policy Procedure. It was agreed by a majority vote that a pilot behavioural scheme, based upon the documentation so far agreed, would commence. This scheme would not be regarded as ‘policy’ but used as ‘guidelines’, applied on a case by case basis, until able to proceed as a policy once any new legislation was enacted. Action: Circulation to Re-homers–Nick Sanders & Jim Clegg

1.4 Copyright issues between STECS and another organisation. The matter had been resolved. Action: Closed

1.5 DVD’s link with 1.4 above. Unfortunately the option of re-using the existing stocks was not possible. Action: Closed.

1.6 Ownership of dogs once adopted. Jim Clegg confirmed that he was in the course of preparing a new adoption contract which had been held up because of the neutering argument and it was to be checked by solicitors and then progressed. This would be carried over to the next Trustees meeting. Action: Jim Clegg.

1.7 Claim to another charity relating to a STECS rescue dog: Karl Hahm confirmed that he had concluded his dealings with the Charity. It was noted and appreciated that both dogs were still doing well. Action: Closed.

1.8 News Update by Chairman: Sheila Maw confirmed that her news update should have gone out in January but she had not had time to prepare this and she would do it shortly. Action: Sheila Maw

1.9 Legal Matters. It was confirmed that there had been no further news regarding this item, therefore it was to be removed from the Agenda. Action: Closed.

2. Chairman’s Report: Sheila Maw confirmed that the current Secretary would be standing down at the AGM. Sheila also updated the meeting regarding a possible donation following the deaths of two members.

3. Trustees Election and Re-election Ron Clements confirmed that proper election procedures had to be followed and due to this there would be a Trustee re-election this year, Susan Bamford having retired on rotation. The nominated Trustees were Sian Christmas, Susan Bamford and Linda Kennerley.

4. Reimbursement of Boarding & Training Costs regarding a rescue dog. This matter was fully discussed by the Trustees and agreement was reached regarding boarding arrangements, fees and training costs. Susan Bamford suggested that a fosterer’s register should be set up. Sheila Maw said this could be considered for the future and advertised in the STECS Newsletter. It was also confirmed that they were currently short of representatives. Action: Sheila Maw

5. Cushing’s Disease and Liver Enzymes – The Financial Implications for STECS and the Next Step
Sheila Maw reported that a Senior Lecturer in small animal medicine, at Cambridge University had offered to do research into these two subjects, which is particularly difficult for Scottish Terriers. It was agreed that a donation would be made and placed into a separate STECS Foundation fund. Direct fund raising for the fund would be undertaken hopefully with the help and assistance of Scottie Breed Clubs. The Governing Document permitted the use of STECS funds for research. It was also agreed that money would be ‘pledged’ until proper terms of reference for the research had been established. The outgoing Secretary later offered to draw up a formal letter of appointment to cover the research principles and payments etc. The Lecturer would be asked to attend the 2013 AGM to talk on the subject. Action: Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm and Sian Christmas

6. Capping Veterinary Costs – proposed guidelines for vet. costs and other financial assistance:
Karl Hahm had circulated an attachment setting out guidelines which would limit the liability and instil consistency in the way claims were dealt with. After some changes, the guidelines were formally agreed. Action: Karl Hahm to implement

7. AOB: Request for Payment of Vet Fees: Nick Sanders handed round a letter he had had requesting payment of a Vet bill of £435. As the claim form had not been completed in full, a majority of Trustees voted against making any contribution, in the current circumstances.

8. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was yet to be decided.

Meeting Closed

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