2012 November

Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland

25th November 2012

Present: Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Isla Reid, Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Linda Kennerley.

1. Apologies: From Anne Green, Liz Bradley, Anne Dauncey and Shirley Evans.

2. Previous minutes 16th September 2012: In the light of a communication the Secretary had received from the Charity Commission, there was a proposal to alter the draft minutes, to reflect the contents of this written advice. After some discussion the amendment was agreed. This arose as a result of an inconsistency in the current Governing Document. Ron Clements said that he took responsibility for this whole problem as he had worded the Governing Document in the first place. This would be addressed when the document was updated by the Secretary, item 3.4 refers. Once agreed the Minutes were signed without further change by the Chairman.

3. Update on actions arising from the previous Trustees meeting held on 16th September 2012:

3.1 Insurance Cover: Jim Clegg had found out that Petplan offered four weeks free insurance to owners of adopted dogs, at no cost to STECS. This offer included some benefit to STECS if the new owners opted to insure their dog with Petplan, and also incurred no paperwork for STECS. Information leaflets provided by Petplan could be included in the Welcome/Re-homing packs. It was proposed that the Petplan option was the simplest way to proceed. Action: Agreed. Details to be circulated to Re-Homers and included in the Re-Homing packs.

3.2 Pilot Behavioural Scheme: A trial run was held as a dog with behavioural difficulties had come into STECS. The procedure seemed to work well, and the reporting method using the online dog recording system had been modified for these dogs when coming into STECS. In view of our time allocation, it was agreed that any issues arising from the pilot should be discussed at the next Trustee meeting, to include sharing information among Trustees. Action: Ongoing monitoring and discussion at next meeting.

3.3 Fosterer’s Register and spreadsheet update: Linda Kennerley reported that the spreadsheet for Reps had been updated, and that she is working to find more foster homes, if possible. An advert in the last edition of the newsletter provided one new rep. Action: Ongoing.

3.4 Governing Document Update: Isla Reid looked for volunteers to work together to look at potential changes. Ron Clements, who was responsible for creating the original document was an obvious choice, and agreed. Jim Clegg also said he would be willing to assist. In order to save time, Isla handed out a “Timeline” for completing this task, and this was accepted without dissent. Action: Ongoing.

3.5 Future Trustee Meetings: Meeting in March confirmed for Sunday, 17th March 2013, at 11am, at Mere Parish Club, Warrington Road, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 0PY. Starting time is 11.00am. The date for the AGM, and the proceeding Trustee meeting on the same day is already organised for Sunday, 28th April 2013 at Twin Oaks, Hotel, Palterton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S44 6UZ. Further Trustee meetings dates and times will be decided at next Trustee Meeting. Action: Ongoing.

3.6 Chairman’s Update and STECS Research Fund: Sheila Maw reported that the Animal Health Trust had been in contact with her. From 50 kits sent out so far, only 18 had been returned, a disappointing result. Another 32 responses are required in order to commence the trial. The vet at Cambridge has started, and asked for medical details of dogs, in order to start a record. DEFRA had stated that no biopsies should be taken from live dogs. There was to be no help with liver enzyme research. Isla Reid had written to the Breed Clubs’ Health Representative, asking for their support and help with our research. She received a reply stating that there would be a decision by the end of July 2013. It is clear that there is some debate among breeders about whether or not support should be given. Ron Clements said that we would probably have more information by the next meeting. Action: Ongoing.

3.7 0845 Numbers: Nick Sanders reported that there seemed to be some issues regarding ongoing payment for this service. Nick would discuss this with Karl Hahm Action: Ongoing.

3.8 Dictaphone: Isla Reid reported that there was difficulty finding a device which would filter out background noise, and as some Trustees were not too happy with the idea of using a Dictaphone, it was decided not to proceed with this. If Trustees were agreeable then important statements/ motions/ proposals could be recorded via Isla’s ipad, to ensure that correct wording was recorded. The recording would be deleted immediately after being transcribed to the minutes. Acton: Completed.

3.9 Letter from a STECS Member: Isla Reid issued a copy of a letter that she had been asked to circulate. It was agreed that Isla would consult with Sheila Maw to try to resolve this matter. Action: Ongoing.

3.10 Re-Homing/Welcome Packs: The information in the packs was complete and can be added to if required. The information would be collated and sent to Nick Sanders. Action: Completed.

4. Current Availability of Outside Funding for Charities: Discussion and decisions were deferred to the next Trustee meeting. Action: For discussion at the next meeting.

5. Kennelgarth Book: A discussion took place regarding this and other publications. Action: Sheila Maw to investigate and report back at the next meeting.

6. Introduction to S.U.S.I.E. As Shirley Evans was unable to attend the Trustees meeting, this item was deferred to the next meeting. Action: For discussion at the next meeting.

7. Closing Date for the Submission of Items for Spring/Summer Newsletter: As a time saving strategy Isla Reid handed out another information sheet giving the closing date for submission of items and articles for the Newsletter as 1st February, 2013. Action: No other action required.

8. STECS Archive: Isla Reid, who now has STECS’s archive, stated that now that it was in some sort of order, it was clear that there was a dearth of records for 2011-2012. She asked if any Trustees had any record of activities/ decisions/ or anything relevant to STECS, for that period, or indeed any other item, she would be obliged if she could have them, or copies of them, to include with the rest of STECS’s history. Action: Trustees who have any items or copies of items that they wish to have included in the archive, to e-mail item(s) to the Secretary or bring them to the next meeting.

9. AOCB:
Linda Kennerley asked the Trustees to agree to purchasing two mobile scanners for Shirley Evans and Cath Marchbank. As Cath has more dogs in than anyone else, and Shirley is the microchipping administrator, she felt that they might save themselves the time required to take dogs to their vets to be scanned, if they had their own ones. The approximate cost for each scanner was £79.00. It was proposed that these items should be purchased. Action: Approved and completed.

Nick Sanders submitted requests for assistance for vet bills for two dogs. Trustees were already familiar with these requests and the funding was agreed. Action; Approved and completed.

Meeting Closed 12.10pm

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