2012 September

Summary of Trustees Meeting Rugby

16th September 2012

Present: Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Isla Reid, Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Shirley Evans, Linda Kennerley, Liz Bradley.

1. Apologies: From Anne Green and Anne Dauncey.
Opening Comments: Ron Clements thanked the Trustees for their card expressing, humorously, their best wishes, and acknowledged the kind wishes received from other STECS members following his injury.

2. Previous minutes 29th April 2012: After a minor addition the Minutes were agreed and signed without further change by the Chairman

Update on actions arising from the previous Trustees meeting held on 29th April 2012:

2.1 Purchase of Marquee: Jim Clegg was pleased to report that the marquee, complete with STECS logo and website had been delivered and was very well received at the annual Garden Party. Action closed

2.2 Insurance cover for Rescue Dogs: Jim Clegg reported that he was still waiting for a proposal from Tesco. Other Insurance companies were suggested, namely AGRIA, and PET PLAN. Action: Jim Clegg to contact PET PLAN, Liz Bradley to contact AGRIA and liaise with each other.

2.3 Rescued dog: Ongoing care of rescue dog discussed. No further financial input from STECS save for decision made at last meeting. Action closed.

2.4 News Update by Chairman: Sheila Maw circulated a letter which she had received from a member, giving information about a dog recently re-homed. The Member wished to express his thanks for the work of STECS. It was suggested that this letter, along with other similar letters should be printed in the newsletter, when possible. Another rescue, ‘Angus’ who had now gone to a permanent home, was also mentioned by Sheila Maw, who was happy to report another success story for STECS. Action: None.

2.5 Behavioural Scheme Procedure: The pilot behavioural scheme was now in place. All Trustees, welfare co-ordinators, and reps have now received the document, and have been contacted by either Nick Sanders or Jim Clegg. The majority of the responses to the document were positive. A discussion took place regarding training for Welfare Co-ordinators and reps, with various diverse opinions voiced. STECS’s liability insurance was mentioned, as was a “Duty of Care”, and the advice available on the Charity Commission web site. Sheila Maw indicated that her work with other charities made it clear that “Risk Management”, which encompasses training would have to be addressed at some point. Legal advice would be sought by Jim Clegg, at a seminar he was to attend in October. On the whole the Trustees were happy with the Pilot Scheme. Action: Ongoing monitoring, and Jim Clegg to seek further free legal advice, if possible.

2.6 Fosterer’s Register: This item was raised by a previous Trustee. The suggestion was to make a list of foster homes throughout Britain, of families who would look after a dog on a temporary basis. Linda Kennerley stated that this was something that she already had on a spreadsheet, though this only dealt with Welfare Co-ordinators and reps. She would look to updating it. It was noted that several welfare co-ordinators already had informal arrangements. Action: Ongoing monitoring.

2.7 Moved to later part of meeting, see below.

2(a) Motion passed at AGM (Neutering): After a lengthy discussion the STECS neutering policy, passed at the 2012 AGM, was formally adopted by the Trustees. Additional wording would be added to the Re-Homing authorisation form, regarding neutering. Action: Secretary to write to the Charity Commission to seek clarification regarding the interpretation of the Governing Document and AGM documentation.

3. President’s Report: Observations were recorded regarding comments made at the 2012 AGM and a letter sent to the President and Chairman, by a Trustee, in response to the observations made. Action: None.

4. Welfare Officers Report. Nick Sanders said that there had been fewer dogs re-homed in this period compared to the same period last year. So far, up to September 2012, there have been 43 dogs re-homed, compared to 67 for the same period in 2011. We have been informed that 40 rescue dogs have died so far this year. Action: Ongoing monitoring.

5. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer provided a brief overview of cash flow, vet bills, funds raised at the Garden Party and membership levels. There were no particular areas of concern at this time. Action: Ongoing monitoring.

6. Governing Document Update: Isla Reid said that part of her job description as Secretary was to maintain and update the Governing Document, as appropriate. It was discovered that not everyone was referring to the latest edition, i.e. May, 2009. Apparently Karl Hahm had asked a previous secretary several times, to place the up to date copy on the STECS website to no avail. However, between himself and Jim Clegg, a word Document had been produced to reflect the current document, as held by the Charities’ Commission. Isla agreed to furnish each Trustee with this ongoing version, as it was apparent that no updating could be done, before each Trustee was referring to the same document. She also said that it was fairly obvious that given the discussions that had taken place, which revolved around the interpretation of the Governing Document, and that the last update was 2009, then an update was due. Action: Secretary to ensure that all Trustees had a current copy of the Governing Document and for the Trustees to familiarise themselves with it.

7. Trustees meeting to comply with Governing Document: It was agreed that this meeting would take place on the same date and location as the Christmas Party, at HASLAND VILLAGE HALL, Eastwood Park, Hasland Road, Hasland, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S41 0AY. Starting time to be decided and intimated to Trustees. Action: None.

8. Trustees Meetings for 2013: The March Trustees meeting is arranged for 17th March, 2013. Venue and times yet to be confirmed, but the preferred venue is Mere Parish Club, Warrington Road, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 0PY. Action: Secretary to contact Mere Parish Club, with a view to booking the premises for 17th March 2013.

9. Preliminary Notice for AGM 2013. This notice has already been circulated to all Trustees, with the AGM arranged for Sunday 28th April 2013, at Twin Oaks Hotel, Palterton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S44 6UZ. Action: Secretary to obtain copies of Charity Commission document entitled “The Essential Trustee: what you need to know” and other information, for all current Trustees and future applicants for the post of Trustee.

10. 0845 NUMBERS. Jim Clegg said that he had contacted the Welfare Co-ordinators, and reported that possibly only two were not in favour of having an 0845 number. Shirley Evans suggested that these numbers should be the ones which were inserted into the Kennel Club Dog Rescue Directory, as people seem to hang on to these directories. 0845 numbers would also be printed on the back page of the newsletter, but not until the spring/ summer edition. The proposal to assign 0845 numbers to Welfare Co-ordinators was agreed. Action by Nick Sanders: List of numbers to be sent to editor for inclusion in spring/ summer 2013 Newsletter.

2.7 STECS Research Fund: Summary and Update, including letter to Breed Council.

Sheila Maw outlined generally the aims of the STECS Research Fund. Broadly there are 3 main areas of research: Cushings, cancer, and research into liver enzymes. The research may take years to reach a conclusion, and requires £10,000. STECS can make contributions to this cost, when appropriate. The Trustees have already pledged £1,000 from STECS’s general reserves to the Research Fund, subject to the written terms of reference being obtained. The funding, however, is not yet required. Karl Hahm requires detailed ‘Terms of Reference’ in writing, setting out the objectives of the research, together with details of deliverables, before any sums can be released from the Research fund. There were already donations received for the Research Fund. Sheila Maw thanked Liz Bradley for her donation of £800, raised from various activities to go into the Research Fund. Sheila Maw also distributed swab kits to administer to dogs who are 8 years+ and do not currently have Cushings. Sheila Maw and Liz Bradley are to work together to create a letter to Breed Council. Copy to be sent to Secretary for records. Action: General ongoing updates. Terms of reference in writing to be obtained. Details of letter sent to Breed Council and reply, if received, sent to the Secretary for Trustees’ information.

11. AOB:

A. Dictaphones. Isla Reid raised the possibility of using a Dictaphone at Trustee meetings to facilitate an accurate minute of meetings.

B. Jennifer Rowlands had been in contact with the Chairman and the President about a specific matter.

C. Welcome Pack. Shirley Evans suggested that STECS put together a Welcome Pack to be issued to the new owners of our rescue dogs.


A. Isla Reid to look to purchase a Dictaphone.

B. Letter to be sent to Jennifer Rowlands inviting her to submit an item for consideration at the next Trustee meeting.

C. Linda Kennerley, Nick Sanders and Shirley Evans to liaise to decide which items this pack should include and how it would be distributed. It was agreed that Linda would be responsible for distribution.

Meeting Closed 4.05pm

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