2013 April

Summary of Trustees Meeting Twin Oaks

28th April 2013

Present: Elizabeth Payne, Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm Nicholas Sanders, Isla Reid, Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Linda Kennerley and Shirley Evans.

1. Apologies: From Liz Bradley, Anne Dauncey and Anne Green who resigned on the 1st April 2013.

2. Previous minutes 17th March 2013: The minutes of the previous meeting held on 17th March 2013 were agreed with minor omissions/alterations as indicated by the Secretary.

3. Update on actions arising from the previous Trustees meeting held on 17th March 2013:

3.1 S.U.S.I.E. and the Pilot Behavioural Scheme: All Trustees agreed that these items should be discussed at the next Trustee meeting. Action: These items will be carried forward to the next Trustees meeting.

3.2 Governing Document update and type of meeting to be held and venue and potential date of next Trustee meeting. A discussion took place as to whether an overnight meeting should take place in an effort to cope with the backlog of items and to provide ample time to discuss the Governing Document. Some Trustees were in favour of an overnight meeting, and some not. The consensus of opinion was that we should make an early, prompt start and continue as long as was necessary. The proposed date for this meeting is Sunday 8th September, with the preferred venue being The Premier Inn, Rugby. It was also suggested that the online copy of the Governing Document which currently appears on the website should be removed as it was not the current version. Action: Secretary to contact Premier Inn, Rugby with a view to booking this venue. Also David Kennerley to be asked to remove this item from the website.

3.3 Research Fund. Sheila reported that there was still a lack of co-operation from some breed clubs, but some individual members were willing to co-operate. She also noted that STS was no longer supporting us. We were also informed that the Breed Clubs have abandoned the research into cancer. There are some difficulties in collecting biopsies though the cost was not as high as might have been anticipated, and that some progress has been made. A suggestion was made that “on the spot” swab testing might be made available at the various events throughout the year and this was generally agreed. Action: Ongoing update.

3.4 ADCH membership.

Isla had received the application form which required details of bank accounts. Having checked with Karl that this was appropriate information to supply, she will go ahead and complete the application. Action: Ongoing update.

3.5 Insurance for members’ vehicles when transporting dogs. Isla reported that she had checked the insurance position with the Treasurer and we were all advised to contact our own insurance companies to check the validity of our own insurance as there is no “blanket cover” for this within STECS’ insurance policy. To ensure that all persons were complying with this it was suggested that the Treasurer should issue a form to all relevant persons so that STECS has proof that the persons involved are complying with the law. Karl has agreed to do this. Action: Karl to produce form for use.

3.6 Kennelling facilities in Scotland. Pressure of secretarial work has prevented Isla from progressing with this item, but Sheila had a suggestion of kennelling used by another organisation that she was involved with. Action: Isla to give this matter some attention!

3.7 Inter- Trustee Communication. Isla reported that seemed to have improved, but it was something that we should make efforts to continue. No further action required.

3.8 Trailer Use. Jim said that the agreement was in place and all that he had to do was have a discussion with Cath Marchbank and Joy and Ian Gower to iron out the details. He said he would probably do this at the Scottie Search and Rescue Party at the end of the month. No further action required.

3.9 ADCH conference. Isla had sent out the information to Shirley Evans and to Jim Clegg who had both expressed interest in attending. Jim Clegg replied that he was definitely attending, but indicated that he did not think that Shirley Evans was able to attend, though the secretary had not been advised of this decision. Sheila said that she was going to an AHT Conference on Sept 12th, and would report back. Action: Jim Clegg and Sheila Maw to report back to the Trustees after attending the respective conferences.

3.10 Financial Assistance Request. Nick reported that he had resolved the request for assistance for travelling expenses. It was agreed to give half the cost of the travelling expenses. This was already being implemented. No further action required.

3.10.1 Nick also had received a request from another member for help with a dog which she received from STECS. This dog almost certainly had Cushing’s before re-homing, and as she has reached her insurance limit she is asking for help with the shortfall. She has increased her insurance limit, but this will not have immediate effect. This request was unanimously agreed. No further action required.


4. AGM. Isla had produced a handout with procedural guidelines, and stated that although it was a suggestion only, a format for procedure at AGMs might be a good idea. No further action required.

5. Responsibility for specific duties within STECS. It was agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting as by that time any newly appointed Trustees would be present. Action: To be discussed at the next meeting.

6. AOB.

6.1 Yellow Dog UK initiative. Some Trustees were aware of this initiative where owners who for some reason did not wish their dog to be approached while out walking, might consider tying a yellow ribbon on their dog’s lead. It was stressed that this was not an aggressive dog warning, and various reasons for displaying a yellow ribbon were given. Though this is obviously a matter of personal choice for owners it was agreed that information should appear on the website. Action: David Kennerley to be asked to add this item to the STECS website.

6.2 Content of Newsletter complaint: Elizabeth Payne said that she had received several complaints regarding an article as it appeared in the Spring/Summer edition of the newsletter. Isla asked who these people were and why they had not contacted the editor of the newsletter, which is the recognised standard complaint procedure. Isla was also very unhappy that anonymous complaints should be entertained. Shirley Evans and Sheila Maw stated that they had also received complaints, again anonymously. Nick Sanders stated that he thought that it had been decided at a previous meeting that anonymous complaints were to be disregarded. Isla said that she had had feedback from several members specifically stating their enjoyment of this particular article. Although readers have a right to express their opinions she felt that the method of implementing this complaint was unacceptable. A discussion followed which due to the shortage of time available was not resolved in any positive way. The editor, Isla Reid required further discussion surrounding the mechanism used to complain, and the responsibility of the editor for articles which appear. Action: For further discussion at the next Trustees meeting to resolve these issues.

Meeting stopped at 12.20pm as Members arrived for 2013 AGM

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