2014 April

Summary of Trustees Meeting Hasland 27th April 2014 

Present: Sheila Maw, Elizabeth Payne, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Joy Gower, Gillian Simms, Isla Reid, Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Linda Kennerley and Jennifer Rowlands.

1. Apologies: Shirley Evans.

2. Previous minutes 2nd February 2014: The minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd February 2014 were agreed without alteration.

3. Financial request from a Member. 

The details of the claim were considered by the Governing Body and an amount to be paid to the Vet was agreed.

4. Formal complaint against a Member of STECS. 

After a discussion a proposal was made not to entertain the complaint.

The motion was passed unanimously.

Action to be taken: Secretary to write to the Complainant informing the Member of the Trustees decision.

5. Consideration of a Member’s future within STECS. 

The suspension of the Member was considered with reference to the Governing Document section entitled “Exclusion of Members section 1)” “The Governing Body shall be empowered to suspend any member ………or where the work of the scheme is likely to be adversely affected.”

A proposal was put to the Trustees that the Member in question should be suspended from STECS with immediate effect. The motion was passed unanimously

Action to be taken: Secretary to write to the Member informing the Member of the Trustees’ decision.

6. AGM. 

Details for conducting the AGM were discussed with reference to item 5, and generally agreed.

No further action to be taken.

7. Newsletter and website. 

Responsibility for both these communication items is now in the hands of Bee Duffy and Stuart Platt respectively. There was a general discussion with Trustees gave their opinions on each item. The feedback was generally positive, though it was felt that the newsletter was perhaps short of copy. Isla reminded the Trustees that the website and newsletter were only as good as the contributions received and encouraged all of them to consider a piece for the newsletter. Karl Hahm said that “feel good” rescue stories were always popular and were good for STECS.

Action to be takes: Trustees to consider sending articles themselves or encouraging new owners of dogs to write telling of their experiences in re-homing.

8. AOB.

1. Sheila passed round copies of a letter which she had been sent from a Re-homer. The contents of this letter were discussed by the Trustees. Sheila said she would speak to the Re-homer to try to sort the matter out, and perhaps the best course of action would be for her to visit the Re-homer.

Action to be taken: Secretary to contact the Re-homer. Sheila to arrange a time to call to see the Re-homer.

2. A provisional date for the next Trustee meeting was 7th September and the favoured location was Premier Inn, Rugby.

Action to be taken: Secretary to check availability of Premier Inn, Rugby.

The meeting closed at 12.00pm.

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