2014 September

Summary of Trustees Meeting Rugby Sunday 7th September 2014 

Present: Sheila Maw, Karl Hahm, Nicholas Sanders, Joy Gower, Gillian Simms, Jim Clegg, Ronald Clements, Karen Clayton and Linda Kennerley.

1. APOLOGIES: Isla Reid (Family Bereavement) and Jennifer Rowland (Long Term Prior Commitment).

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting held on Sunday 27th April, 2014 were agreed without alteration. Proposed by Ron Clements. Seconded by Nick Sanders. Passed unanimously.


Meeting 2nd February 2014: A note from the Secretary was read out by the Chairman regarding each of these matters.

3.1: S.U.S.I.E: No backup copies of the STECS database material had been received by the Secretary, as agreed at previous meetings. Nick confirmed that SUSIE was currently ‘offline’ and therefore any possible icloud ‘breach’ of security was not an issue at the moment. He also confirmed that SUSIE was an Oracle database therefore it could be easily copied and read. Jim Clegg gave a brief summary of an ANILOG Animal Welfare Management Service which had been featured at the Kennel Club Breed Rescue Conference 2014. It was agreed that Nick Sanders and Jim Clegg would make contact with the company to obtain further information regarding cost and suitability.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: As previously agreed Isla to again contact Shirley to ask for a copy of the STECS database material and agree a method of obtaining regular backup material. Nick Sanders and Jim Clegg to report back regarding the Anilog database and services available.

3.2: FUTURE TRUSTEE MEETING IN LONDON: After a discussion regarding distances travelled, ease of travel and personal concerns it was agreed that the next meeting would take place in London 11.00hrs 31st January 2015, at the venue provided free of charge by Karl Hahm.

Proposed by Jim Clegg. Seconded by Nick Sanders.

The motion was passed – 5 for – 2 against – with 2 abstentions.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Karl Hahm to arrange venue and confirm arrangements with the Secretary.

3.3: RESONSIBILITY FOR SPECIFIC DUTIES WITHIN STECS: Using the list provided as an appendix from a previous STECS meeting this matter was discussed and volunteers were obtained as follows:

Jim Clegg: Health and Safety and Risk Management. Event planning, training of volunteers, use of equipment, and training for using equipment. Written guidelines for STECS helpers at events, first aid planning at events, general animal welfare at events, and exit strategies in the event of emergencies at events.

Nick Sanders: Risk Management, Insurance, vehicle and domestic, appropriate equipment when transporting dogs, written guidance for home checks, and re-homing procedures.

Isla Reid: Communications. All Media Communications. Communications with other volunteers and re-homers within STECS and other rescue organisations, liaison with other dog charities, kennels, and rescue organisations, pet owners, and breed clubs. Co-ordination of the newsletter, the website and Facebook.

Joy Gower: Marketing

Sheila Maw: Advertising. It was agreed that STECS would not permit any ‘outside’ advertising of any kind, subject to a regular review by the Trustees. It was also agreed that members may be permitted to advertise using STECS media outlets, subject to approval by the Trustee responsible for advertising. Any possible conflict of interest would be referred to the Governing Body for consideration and approval.

3.4: EVENTS REPORT: Joy Gower provided a comprehensive update regarding past and future STECS events. There were 10 events being held throughout 2014, including the Monmouth Show, where the STECS ‘shop’ would be in attendance. The most notable outside event had been the Ashbourne Highland Gathering which was well received, well attended and very profitable to STECS in raising its profile and retail sales. Ron Clements said it was a very large site and the visibility of the STECS area was worthy of consideration in 2015. Joy confirmed that this was all ready in hand. Other locations for 2015 were being considered including Nuffield Place in Oxfordshire. Following the resignation of the President it was noted that Elizabeth’s details should be removed from marketing and other locations on the web site and documentation. The forthcoming Christmas Fair was discussed (New items 5 refer) and agreement was reached by all Officers and Trustees regarding the purchase and donations of raffle prizes. Raffle tickets would be made available with the Autumn Newsletter, with a prize to the person selling the most tickets. The last Garden Party at Bretherton was discussed and the Governing Body expressed their thanks to Cath and Steve Marchbank for the use of the venue and sterling works to organise such an event. The Trustees felt that as the event was getting bigger each year, that a Garden Party Committee should be formed to help with the planning, organisation and running of the event from 2015. The issue of the purchase of raffle prizes was also raised for consideration for this new Committee. The option of having a licensed ‘beer’ tent was also discussed and all the Trustees present were against the licensing of the Garden Party to serve alcohol.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Linda and Sheila to discuss formation of the Committee with Cath. Isla to ensure that Elizabeth’s details are removed from any STECS documentation and media outlets.

3.5: WELFARE REPORT Nick Sanders confirmed that 61 dogs had been re-homed to date. He provided a report regarding the current submission of paperwork and reported that unfortunately 3 Scotties had been put to sleep since the last meeting, 2 due to ill health and one as a result of very serious behavioural problems, in accordance with the current policy and procedures. The question of re-homing in the Channels Islands and other similar locations was also discussed. It was unanimously agreed that Scotties would not be re-homed in these locations due to the logistical problems involved. Nick Sanders was asked to consider the current Membership of the Welfare Committee. It was generally felt that any additional members or any changes should not include any further Trustees. The note from the Secretary also asked for the Welfare Committee to provide and update to the Welfare Co-ordinators and Area Reps Guidelines.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: No re-homing to be considered in the Channel Islands and other similar locations which create logistical problems. Nick Sanders to consider the composition of the current Welfare Committee and the updating of the various Guidelines books to be completed as soon as possible.

Meeting 27th April 2014

3.6: LETTER FROM A Re-Homer AOB: Sheila Maw had not yet been able to deal with this matter. ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Sheila to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

NEW ITEMS. A note from the Secretary was read out by the Chairman regarding each of these matters.

1. FINAL WORDING OF REVISED GOVERNING DOCUMENT: Jim Clegg explained that there were now three proposed additional changes to the revised Governing Document which had been approved (in accordance with a formally agreed process) by all the Officers and Trustees on the 10th December 2013.

a) Obligation of Members section 3: That payment of current subscription before the date due of 1st January each year should be changed to the 31st January. The termination of membership for unpaid subscription should also be changes from the 1st July to the 31st July. This change was agreed after a brief discussion.

b) Rules Governing Membership Section 1: Additional wording in this section, based upon advice from STECS Solicitor Mr. Dearing, was totally rejected by Ron Clements and some concerns were expressed by Nick Sanders.

c) Exclusion of Members: A new paragraph was suggested, once again based upon legal advice, to ensure that STECS had a formally approved policy and procedure regarding the conduct of a member and that that policy and procedure was followed. Ron Clements considered that this additional paragraph was unnecessary as the Governing Document already contained sufficient detail. Jim Clegg felt that the solicitor’s advice was correct and pointed out that none of the Trustees or Officers had any legal qualifications.

Linda Kennerley felt that the services of a Solicitor should be engaged as this was an important document and must be as watertight as possible. Karen Clayton also felt that this document was the foundation stone of the Charity and needed to be right. It was proposed by Linda Kennerley that Mr Dearing should be contacted and a quote to be obtained for him to review the previously agreed document, make any amendments, alterations or additions and produce a document that was as watertight as possible. This could then be considered in accordance with the current Governing Document. Proposed by Linda Kennerley. Seconded by Joy Gower. Passed 8 in favour, 1 Abstention.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Sheila to contact the STECS Solicitor for a quote.

2. POSSIBLE AWARD TO BREED CLUBS: This item was postponed until the next meeting.


The recent conduct of a member was brought to the attention of the Governing Body. In accordance with the Governing Document, the Governing Body considered that the suspension of the member should be considered and they would consider any written representations the member may wish to make. It was proposed by Nick Sanders that a letter be sent to the member informing the member that suspension of membership is to be considered, due to the member’s conduct and the member’s right to make a written submission to the Governing Body regarding the member’s conduct. Proposed by Nick Sanders. Seconded by Karl Hahm. Passed unanimously. ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Secretary to write to the member concerned.

4. AGM: Following a brief discussion it was decided that the AGM for 2015 would be held at Knutsford on Sunday 26th April 2015 subject to venue availability. The note from the Secretary regarding rotation of Officers and Trustees was also discussed. Ron Clements outlined the historical reasons for the current contents of the Governing Document on this matter. Jim Clegg explained that the current Governing Document prevented the suggested rotation for Trustees but did permit it for Officers. Ron Clements disagreed with is statement. In order to complete the Preliminary AGM Notice the Secretary required notice of intention by those ending their term of office. Sheila confirmed that she would not be standing for re-election again as Chairman. After an emotional exchange among all Trustees and other Officers regarding the loss to STECS if Sheila left the Governing Body, Sheila agreed to applause from the Officers and Trustees, to seek election as President at the next AGM. Sheila did, however make it clear that if elected she would be unable to attend all the Trustee meetings, and that her duties would be limited. All Officers and Trustees were happy with the current composition of the Preliminary Notice and duties of the Secretary in relation to the administration of the AGM. President: Vacant Chairman: Not seeking re-election. Secretary: As yet undecided. Treasurer: seeking re-election. Linda Kennerley seeking re-election.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Secretary to complete the necessary administration functions regarding the AGM.

5. CHRISTMAS PARTY: A general discussion took place regarding the layout, content and requirements for the Christmas Party. Karen Clayton with the assistance of Joy Gower had agreed organise the party on behalf of STECS. The Christmas Party would take place at Hasland on Sunday 20th November 2014 from 12-4pm. Jim Clegg had agreed to be Father Christmas, with photographs being taken by Sandra Weir’s granddaughter Amy. Tea, coffee and other refreshments would be available, with a rescue parade during the afternoon. Any non STECS stalls would be charged a donation to STECS of between £10 and £15.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Karen to run the event with Joy and seek any advice or other assistance as required.


Agreement was reached as follows subject to ratification from the Secretary.

London: 31st January 2015

Knutsford: 26th April 2015 and AGM

Rugby: 6th September 2015

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Secretary to complete the necessary administration functions.

7. Letter from a Member: A letter from a member was considered by the Officers and Trustees. Action to be taken: Secretary to write to the member concerned.

8. AOB: Jim Clegg provided information concern the Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar 2015. It was agreed that this would be circulated on the Website and Facebook site asap.

Action to be taken: Secretary to inform the Webmaster. Linda Kennerley to deal regarding Facebook.

The meeting closed at 3.00pm.

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