Maddie scottie book launch

Dear friends, the time has finally come!

Maddie was born on 10th June 2004 and died on 4th January 2019. She came to us when she was 8 years old and we have a unique story with her. So she was a sort of a rescue Scottie. This is what the booklet/story is about.

The unique story with our beloved Maddie will go to press within the next two weeks. The approx. 42-page booklet is beautifully illustrated by Valeria Moldowan. An absolute must for every Scottie and dog lover 🙂. It is also an excellent gift for dear friends. Would you like to support the production financially? Then click on the link below for crowdfunding:

100% of the profit from the booklet sale goes to STECS. STECS is very close to my heart. During my living in Scotland (2007-2009) I worked for STECS. I do really appreciate the work you do. The more we reach together in crowdfunding, the more will go to STECS. For a donation of minimum € 50.00 / CHF 50.00 your will get your booklet for free.

If you would like to reserve a booklet, please send me an e-mail to:

Updates on the final publishing date etc. will be available at and

The regular price is CHF 20.00 pp (English or German version available!!)

Many thanks to all of you!
Astrid Haberland-Adank

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