May 2017 Trustee Minutes

Held on Sunday 7th May 2017

Mere Parish Club, Warrington Road, Mere, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0PU In attendance: Barbara Boyce, Joy Gower, Karl Hahm, Catherine Marchbank, Sheila Maw and Gill Simms.

It was discussed and agreed that the meeting should be focused on the urgent matters and therefore the following items were removed from the agenda:

6.7 Distribution of specific Trustee responsibilities. 

6.11 Welfare Officer. Review of the role, responsibilities and delegated powers, including all policies, procedures, documentation and updates, in order to formulate and agree a final job description. 

6.12 Welfare Committee. Review of the role, responsibilities, numbers and delegated powers. 

1. Apologies. 

Jim Clegg.

2. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting held on Saturday 4th February 2017. 

Proposed by Karl Hahm, seconded by Cath Marchbank. The trustees who had been in attendance at the February meeting unanimously agreed to approve the minutes.

3. Chairman’s Update. 

The chairman Isla Reid had resigned on 31st March 2017. There was nothing further to report.

4. Welfare update 

Catherine Marchbank reported that she had received an encouraging response from the Newsletter appeal for more volunteers to help with Welfare. She was currently updating the list of volunteers.

She also advised the meeting that |||||| had still failed to submit his rehoming paperwork. He also possessed a STECS microchip scanner which he had not returned. She explained that she would make one final attempt to get the paperwork and scanner from him. She would contact him and inform him that |||||| would call at his home to collect the items.

Action: Cath Marchbank to update trustees of outcome at next trustee meeting.

5. Treasurer update 

Karl Hahm advised that he wished to raise two matters:

(1) Cost of printing the letter from Nottingham University and which was included with the Spring Newsletter. The printing costs amounted to £126. He proposed that this money be allocated against the STECS Research restricted fund as the letter was in connection with Scottie health. This was agreed unanimously by the trustees.

(2) Following the resignation of Isla Reid a replacement third signatory was required to operate the bank and building society accounts. Historically all of the signatories had been Officers so he therefore proposed Catherine Marchbank to be added as a signatory. Catherine accepted and this was unanimously approved by the other trustees.

Action: Karl Hahm to update signatories on all of the bank and building society accounts.

6. Matters arising from previous minutes 

6.1 Somerset Fun Day 

The venue has been moved to Moulsford in Oxfordshire. This was advertised in the Spring Newsletter and will take place on Saturday 3rd June.

Karl Hahm advised that to date, advance purchases of tickets had been very slow and so far only four tickets had been sold. Notwithstanding it was agreed to proceed with the event as it was anticipated that most attendees were happy to turn up and pay at the gate on the day.

It was agreed that nearer the time the event will be marketed via the STECS Facebook site.

6.2 Rehoming Paperwork 

Covered in 4 above.

6.3 Update regarding actions arising from letter from Mr & Mrs Smith 

Mr and Mrs Smith’s letter had asked for the trustees’ reaction and steps to be taken in response to the bullying allegations made at the 2016 AGM. This had now been overtaken by the motion included on the 2017 AGM agenda. It was therefore considered that this matter would be covered off at the AGM.

6.4 Update regarding financial assistance for Bracken 

Karl Hahm confirmed that |||||| had failed to provide him with a copy of the letter to |||||| (Bracken’s owners). Karl had now given up chasing and considered the matter closed.

6.5 Update International Breed Conference update 

Sheila Maw, Catherine Marchbank and Joy Gower had attended the conference on behalf of STECS and gave some brief feedback from the Conference. It had been very well organised and well represented. The marketing stand had taken £1,519.80 and a small number of new members had been recruited.

It was also discussed and agreed that STECS might want to consider hosting a similar fund raising event in the future where members could take their Scotties to a hotel for a weekend and socialise.

6.6 Update re STECS eBay charity account 

Joy Gower reported that there had been very little activity on the eBay account. She believed that this may be due to the inaccuracies in the Newsletter article which launched the account. The text of the article had been changed by the editor and it was not clear to people that it was not restricted to selling just Scottie related items.

Action: Joy to refresh and republish the article in the next Newsletter.

6.7 Distribution of specific Trustee responsibilities 

Not discussed. Agreed to remove at the start of the meeting.

6.8 Update: Events past and future 

The planned Events had been advertised in the Newsletter. There had been some disappointment that the Crail Event had been cancelled this year. It was therefore agreed that a Scottish Event (not necessarily in Crail) was essential for 2018. This Event could be nearer to the Forth Bridge. Karl Hahm advised that he knew two members who lived in Dalgety Bay (adjacent to the Forth Bridge) and he would ask them if they knew of any potential venues in that area.

Joy Gower confirmed that she had booked Hasland on Sunday 26th November for the Christmas Party. It was also discussed and agreed that it would perhaps be a good idea to hold an Event in York in 2018 to coincide with Barbara’s appointment as Lord Mayor of York. Barbara could host the Event.

Action: Barbara Boyce to liaise with trustees to identify options for a York Event.

6.9 AGM 2017. Documentation and AGM minutes 

Karl Hahm confirmed that he had produced and printed all of the documentation for the forthcoming AGM which would take place immediately after the trustee meeting.

Joy Gower advised the meeting that Allan Payne, one of the trustee candidates, was unable to attend. She would therefore speak on his behalf. Likewise Sheila Maw advised the meeting that Liz Bradley, another trustee candidate was unable to attend. Sheila would speak on Liz’s behalf.

6.10 Agria insurance contract and other options available 

Karl Hahm had undertaken a detailed and documented assessment of each clause in the Agria contract. This had been circulated to all of the trustees prior to the meeting. There were only three potentially contentious clauses:

• 8.1 Exclusivity
• 9.1 Minimum contractual period of 3 years with a 6 months’ notice provision
• 10.1 Indeminity clause for breach of contract

Karl advised the meeting that in his opinion these were not onerous clauses and should not prevent STECS from adopting Agria Insurance. Failure to do so had already cost STECS approximately £5,000 in veterinary fees that could have been insured against.

There was a brief discussion about the benefits and risks of the contract. It was subsequently proposed by Karl Hahm, and seconded by Catherine Marchbank that STECS adopt Agria Insurance. Unanimously agreed.

Action: Catherine Marchbank to contact Agria and reinstate the contract. This should then be cascaded to the Welfare community for implementation.

6.11 Welfare Officer. Review of the role, responsibilities and delegated powers, including all policies, procedures, documentation and updates, in order to formulate and agree a final job description 

Not discussed. Agreed to remove at the start of the meeting.

6.12 Welfare Committee. Review of the role, responsibilities, numbers and delegated powers 

Not discussed. Agreed to remove at the start of the meeting.

7. Dates and venues for future Meetings and 2018 AGM 

It was discussed and agreed by all that the 2018 AGM should be held at Hasland on 22nd April 2018.

Action: Joy Gower to book Hasland.

It was discussed and agreed that the next trustee meeting would be held on Sunday 3rd September at Sheila Maw’s home. The first meeting in 2018 would be held in York and Barbara would organise the venue nearer the time.

8. Newsletter 

The Spring 2017 PDF draft for proofreading had only been made available at the very last minute. The editor then went on holiday without actioning all of the corrections identified by the proofreading team. She had done this before. Karl therefore had to purchase some special software to convert the PDF document to Word so that he could amend the errors and formatting issues.

It was generally considered that the editor needed to be someone more local, proactive and closer to the Welfare team. Joy Gower advised that her husband Ian may consider taking over the production of the Newsletter. Gill Simms suggested that STECS could advertise for a new editor on Facebook. It was agreed that the current editor should be replaced.

There then followed a discussion about content for the Autumn Newsletter. In the pipeline to date were:

• Christmas card completion (Joy)
• Refresh of eBay article (Joy)
• Rescue story Scottie Pettit (Karl)
• 2017 Garden Party (Cath)
• 2016 Welfare Report (Cath and Gill)
• President’s Report (Sheila)

More rescue stories were needed and it was up to all trustees to encourage members they knew who had rescued a dog from STECS to produce an article. Karl and Gill also discussed the possibility of having an article on Puppy farming. They would take this off-line to consider what specific focus the potential article could have.

Joy Gower confirmed that she would take responsibility for mailing the Autumn Newsletter.

Action: Sheila Maw to write to the current editor to thank her for her services and advise that her services were no longer required.

9. Website liaison Officer 

Following the resignation of Isla Reid, someone needed to take over her responsibility for overseeing the website. Stuart was a very willing and efficient administrator but he was not responsible for content. Generally the website was out of date and very little changed from month to month. There was a discussion about what should be included on the website and what should be included on Facebook. For example, some people disliked Facebook and would prefer to look for news and updates on the official website.

No one volunteered to take over responsibility. It was therefore agreed that for now, the trustees would take collective responsibility for each of the sections most applicable to their existing roles.

10. Letter from |||||| 

|||||| had recently written individually to each of the trustees, providing further information and background to the bullying allegations she had made at the 2016 AGM. Barbara Boyce confirmed that she had responded to the letter.

It was agreed that as the issue of bullying was included on the AGM agenda there was no necessity to discuss it further in this trustee meeting.

11. AOB 

There was no other business.

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