Caption Competition April

This months winner is from Iris Gillies
A two Scottie rating hotel! How do I book?

13 Responses


    what time did you say that bus was due

  2. Al says:

    Don’t look. Act casual. Paparazzi at your 12 o’clock.

  3. Beryl Paddison says:

    We need a few books between us!

  4. Malcolm Rose says:

    “Scottie, 2 to beam up”

  5. Kim Styles says:

    funny how we both went in for the Bookend audition!

  6. Barbara Evans says:

    Gosh we look appealing. If this doesn,t bring the tourists in then nothing will.

  7. Cynthia Orrey says:

    Hope they hurry up soon, my bum is getting cold on this stone seat.

  8. Rachel Wall says:

    Act casual bro, there’s a sexy bitch checking us out.

  9. Iris Gillies says:

    a two Scottie rating hotel!. How do I book?

  10. Jill Brookman says:

    I wish they’d hurry up with the crisps

  11. Kirsten Garstang says:

    Do you think they saw us?

  12. so much for attracting the tourists/

  13. Christine Liptrot says:

    We’re Scotties .. not DOGS in the window , we think ‘ outside the window ‘ ….. have one to know one …

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