Caption Competition February

This months winner is from Julian:
“NOT the video of you at Glasgow 2014, AGAIN!”

13 Responses

  1. Al Thomson says:

    OK gimme the chair or I’ll knock the stuffin’ outa ya

  2. Iris Gillies says:

    That lot have got to go !

  3. Debbie Smith says:

    Gives a bunk up!!!

  4. Julian Ashton says:

    NOT the video of you at Glasgow 2014, AGAIN!!

  5. Teresa Kinsey says:

    Well it looks like the bus is already full.

  6. Dorothy wilkes says:

    Ugh, more competition for the treats.

  7. Mary Ball says:

    Budge up you lot,leave room for the real McCoy !

  8. Barbara Tribe says:

    It’s my turn for the chair now

  9. Tatty Bogle says:

    That party is rockin!

  10. David & Sandra Robinson Bulgaria says:

    Okay wheres the white one ?

  11. David Billing says:

    The three Scotterteers, does that make me D’artagana.

  12. Pam Andrew says:

    Please don’t tell me you are going to sell them as look alike Scottie dogs !!

  13. Naomi says:

    “The conversation from these guys is completely lifeless!”

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