Caption Competition February

This months winner is from Al Thomson
‘eco friendly dog bed my ***!’

10 Responses

  1. Pamela Clocherty says:

    I’m a Scottie! NOT a Boxer!

  2. Erna Clocherty says:

    I do enjoy these new cardboard snacks!!

  3. Marina says:

    “curiosity killed the cat” but don’t worry, I’m a Scottie!

  4. Barbara Evans says:

    I don’t think much of this bed – it’s not what I’m used to!

  5. Barbara Tribe says:

    I know that cat’s been in here

  6. colin coulson says:

    I can detect biscuits in here somewhere

  7. Den says:

    Mmmm, there’s a biscuit in ere somewhere !!!!!!!!

  8. Lee Goldsmith says:

    Er…ok, my whiskers are caught on a staple…… what do I do?

  9. Al Thomson says:

    eco friendly dog bed my ***!

  10. Helen Norman says:

    There’s something here. I’ll find it.

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