Caption Competition January

This months winner is from Alexandra:
‘Beam me OUT Scottie!!’

11 Responses

  1. Ted Brixey says:

    Hmmm They are out there enjoying themselves and I’m stuck behind bars

  2. Alison Huckle says:

    I was framed !!!!! I did,nt do it!!!

  3. David Kennerley says:

    Hmmm who’s behind bars them or me?

  4. Andrew Harris says:

    He did say I was about to find out what its like to be a watch dog 🙁

  5. andrea rae says:

    Wonder what they did to get stuck behind these bars?

  6. Isla. says:

    Mum always warned me this might happen if I didn’t mend my ways!

  7. Pat Catlin says:

    I”ll give him 5 more minutes then I’m off.

  8. A Thomson says:

    jees! these greyhounds are tall

  9. Alexandra Belgeonne says:

    ‘Beam me OUT Scottie !!’

  10. Barbara Tribe says:

    Barred again!

  11. Lee says:

    Blast it!!!! They’re NOT sticks of liquorice!

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