Caption Competition October

This months winner is from Brian:
“Sorry, but I’m a Scottie — not a Boxer!”

12 Responses

  1. Barbara Tribe says:

    I’m just boxing clever

  2. Al Thomson says:

    DHL! No chance!. I’ll walk.

  3. Heather Cupit says:

    I am not moved by this….

  4. karen coulson says:

    never mind where is wally, where is scotty

  5. Bev Pryde says:

    I can’t find it anywhere!!

  6. Isabella McNaughton says:

    Where did you put my food ????

  7. Ann Barrack says:

    Do they not know that this my sofa!

  8. Linda Kennerley says:

    Now where DID I leave that bone??

  9. Lee Goldsmith says:

    Oops! Wrong turn…..I’m in danger of being recycled into the tartan section here!

  10. Brian Robertson says:

    “Sorry, but I’m a Scottie — not a Boxer!”

  11. Andrew Darbey says:

    I’m not moving until my programme finishes!!!

  12. Mairi Smith says:

    it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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