Caption Competition

This months winner is from Jo, Nessie and Digby:
The scotties reenactment of the Shawshank Redemption goes down a storm.

20 Responses

  1. Mike & Ali says:

    ” ….. you do realise my head is stuck as well ….. yup …… its the third time …. yup ….. she’s not gonna find this funny …….. nope …… ok, both together ….. ” MUM ! “

  2. Jack says:

    Look with good behaviour we might get released early!

  3. Lynne Fraser says:

    I’m sure it went down there, can you see it?

  4. Ann Chappels says:

    Don’t look so sad the fire brigade will be here soon to get set us free.

  5. Jan Walker says:

    I can’t see anything can you, I think we need to get are eyebrows trimmed.

  6. Barbara Tribe says:

    I guess we’re in a fix!

  7. Amanda Dinning says:

    Keep looking down there, count to 50 then come and find me! That’ll teach you not to cheat at hide and seek!!

  8. Penny Bustin says:

    Psst….If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

  9. Debbie Costley says:

    I know it was a silly thing to do, but I was sure I saw food down there!

  10. Tattybogle says:

    Don’t look so despondent. Go and look up at her from under your eyebrows in that doleful way I showed you and I promise all will be forgiven.

  11. Margaret Oliver says:

    Free the Scottie 2. It wisnae me and it wisnae him M’Lud. definately a case of mistaken identity!

  12. Rebecca Jane says:

    See the family down there; the one with the BBQ. You distract them and I’ll pinch the sausages.

  13. Lee Goldsmith says:

    “I hope this isn’t a British rail, or we’ll be stuck here for ages!!”

  14. Angela Mattin says:

    Pssst……..Will you be my Valentine?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Celia & Laddie says:

    “I told you, you should have taken those sea sickness pills”

  16. Jo, Nessie and Digby says:

    The scotties reenactment of the Shawshank Redemption goes down a storm,

  17. Lyn Kirkpatrick says:

    Psst don’t look now…but there’s a wee cracker of a wheaten over there

  18. Cath Marchbank says:

    This is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into STANLEY!!!!!!

  19. James Wood says:

    You smell gorgeous!

  20. Wendy Mercer says:

    When the cat comes underneath us, get ready to bark. Payback time.

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