Caption Competition – Poppy and Daisy

This months winner is from Mike & Ali:

“If we go off the path we’ll have to bath”…
“one bit of mud, and we’re in the tub”…
“we’ll show her!… lets dry on the furniture”

24 Responses

  1. karen says:

    Oh mum, Is it really time to come out? just 5 more mins please!

  2. Linda says:

    Where’s our rubber duck?

  3. Bill Hunter says:

    I’m not coming out without a towel!

  4. Evie Collis says:

    Room Service – are the warm towels ready?

  5. James Wilbraham says:

    Er, she ate the soap, again.

  6. Mary Archibald says:

    But we bathed last year, too soon for another!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Rub-a-dub-dub two girl in a tub

  8. Malcolm Horn says:

    It’s another fine mess you have got us into, Stanley

  9. Kathryn Cassidy says:

    But but but we ARE innocent, we know nothing about no hole in the garden, please not the water torture again!

  10. Teresa Kinsey says:

    “Come on Mum, we are waiting for the water”

  11. Bev Pryde says:

    Er do you not think you should gave put some water in the bath first!!

  12. Lee says:

    “Ok, get us out NOW! The bath bomb is changing the colour of our fur!”

  13. Joyce says:

    Please, can we just jump in that pig puddle in the field instead?

  14. James Wood says:

    Did you really forget the shampoo?

  15. Mrs. Lesley Dickinson says:

    We are the two cleanest Scottie Girls

  16. Pamela says:

    You were planning some “me time” in the bath you say? Think again Missus!

  17. Avril Atkinson says:

    Come on whats the delay, emmerdale starts in 10 minutes.

  18. Mike & Ali says:

    “If we go off the path we’ll have to bath” …. “one bit of mud, and we’re in the tub”
    “we’ll show her ! …. lets dry on the furniture”

  19. maureen joyce says:

    Do you not realise, I am a scottie not a westie, I’m not meant to be white, no matter how many times you bath me mum.

  20. Mary denton says:

    But we want you to jump in with us please.

  21. marina vigevani says:

    we’ll complain about the slow room service, we are scottish not common dogs!

  22. Helen Childs says:

    ” We complete the colour scheme, perfectly”.

  23. Barbara Tribe says:

    She’s forgotten us again – gone off to watch Eastenders!

  24. Beryl Paddison says:

    sharing again! Is there a water shortage?

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