Hello all scottie lovers

My name is Beatrix, known as Bea for short. I am a wheaten scottie, born in America and then moved to England. My owners had to return to America so I was rehomed with the help of STECS last September and I have been in my new home now for six months. It is a lovely home with a big garden, good for chasing with my house mates. I live with 2 other scotties and a westie who thinks she is a scottie. I also live with 2 Birman cats and 8 chickens. When I first moved to my new home I wanted to chase the cats and chickens but soon realised I was not allowed to. They are now all my friends. I quickly learned that if I got out first in the morning and rushed to the chicken house I could find an egg. They are very tasty. My new owner lets me occasionally have one for a treat.


We go for lovely walks every day and go to stay in a cottage in Derbyshire for a holiday. I nearly caught a pheasant which was hiding in the hedgerows, but just ended up with a mouthful of feathers. I am very good at sniffing them out.

We are learning how to do agility in the garden. I am good at the jumps and going through the tunnel but I am not so good at the weave poles.

I would like my previous owners to know that I am very settled and having great fun in my new home. I am enclosing a photo of me on my 7th birthday with my birthday cake and some other pictures of me and my house mates.

Lots of woofs from Beatrix

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